6 Reasons why a Day Wedding is better than a Night Wedding

You can have a perpetual debate on a night vs. a day wedding but the day certainly has some serious advantages worth considering. Read on to find out the benefits and you just might end up changing your mind about day weddings.

1. Lively & Energetic couple
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My Hilarious Godhbharai Ceremony

I had spent 1 whole long month matching my hair accessories, nail paint and jewelry with the exact shades of my lehenga for my godhbharai ceremony. My peach, turquoise and golden lehenga looked just perfect for the day function. My corset type of peach and golden blouse revealed my tummy almost negligibly. On the d-day, everything was perfect, the hair, makeup, my pretty lehenga, dupatta draped on the shoulders, my dainty bajuband & made-for-my-lehenga jewellery. I also carried a matching hand purse and strutted in golden stilettos. After the thousandth selfie clicked alone and alongwith my sister, I was finally asked to enter the venue and grace the audience with my presence.

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My Journey to two Contrasting Sangeet Ceremonies

Two of my friends had their weddings in close succession recently, one living in Hapur and one living in South Delhi. 

Being a close friend of both the brides, I got invited to the smaller functions as well such as sangeet, cocktail, mehendi, and this gave me enough masala to pen down this blog.

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How Men Can Change Indian Wedding Irrationalities…

So much has been talked about changing the way weddings happen, reducing the pomp and show, getting rid of customs which no longer make sense, changing the way¬†women are treated¬†and blah blah blah…But can really anything be done practically? Can we actually get inside each of the outdated minds and remove the many layers of societal prejudices and unwanted customs? Continue reading