How Men Can Change Indian Wedding Irrationalities…

So much has been talked about changing the way weddings happen, reducing the pomp and show, getting rid of customs which no longer make sense, changing the way women are treated and blah blah blah…But can really anything be done practically? Can we actually get inside each of the outdated minds and remove the many layers of societal prejudices and unwanted customs? Continue reading

Weddings – Auspicious Vows or Boastful Events?

While I was browsing through some Facebook profiles, I increasingly saw some glamorous photo shoots pasted on most of the cover pages of people. Look closer and you’ll see them holding slates of ‘save the date’ written on them or making some Bollywood like poses in exotic locations. It made me ask some impending questions, where are our weddings headed? Why are we slowly drowning ourselves into the wedding as an event rather than the institution of wedding itself!

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