5 reasons to not quit your job after your wedding!

1. The celebrations would end one day

The pull of the fun-filled celebrations, shopping and beauty therapies is so much that more often than not, your work would appear as an interference. To enjoy these joyous moments, women often think of quitting their job, sometimes also encouraged by their relatives. But the truth is that soon the celebrations would end, if not today then tomorrow and the interfering job would then be missed when boredom would set-in in as you slide back into your routine.

2. Empowerment

There’s nothing better than seeing your salary get credited in your bank account every month and then being able to spend it. It gives a liberating financial independence and empowerment to every woman. For those who have worked before marriage, quitting their job and being dependent on their husband for their expenses might be unnerving. Although after marriage the income of each partner goes into a pool of family income, it makes a huge difference when you know that you have also contributed to that income.

3. I’ll get a job later – Really?

One might think that lets quit now and search for something later on after the wedding. However in this fast paced industry, even a few weeks of leave makes you lag behind, then taking a sabbatical becomes a big deal. A gap in your resume for a wedding doesn’t please any employer. Besides companies prefer to recruit a working person for a job rather than a person who is out of job.

4. A better standard of living

It goes without saying that two working people in a family translates into a higher family income and hence a better standard of living and affordability. It also helps in taking some pressure of your partner’s shoulders of being the sole earner of the family.

5. Constructive use of time and energy

Just after marriage, when you don’t even have children, sitting at home and idling away your precious time is the worst thing to do. Infact, many people think that if the husband is earning big bucks, why should the wife struggle for a job. Its true, that working brings with it its own stresses but however small the salary may be, working also helps in channelizing your energy into something constructive. Atleast its much better than sitting like a trophy wife of a rich husband at home. A job will also change the way the society would look at you.

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