You will NEVER get that bridal glow if you do this!

There are a few common mistakes that almost all brides make which can prevent you from getting that flawless bridal glow.

1.Enroll into a 7 day bridal salon package

Ok, agreed that the makeup requires some art and professionalism which you may not have, but what about the skincare? Do you think that a 7 day thing would get you the bridal glow that you are dying for? Let me tell you, our skin renews itself every 28 days and whatever work we do on it on a regular basis starts showing its signs post this cycle of 28 days. A concoction of creams, lotions, massages and scrubs exfoliates the accumulated dead cells and temporarily shows a better looking skin which the parlours bank on, this for sure not a lasting effect. On the other hand, homemade skincare, the right diet and exercise on a regular basis, say starting 2 months before your wedding, will guaranteed give you that bridal glow, lighter skin and long lasting beauty that would make many heads turn. Click to know how to get super sexy skin in 28 days.

2. Eat Shaadi wala Khana – Say bye bye to bridal glow

Yes guests would be all over your house and caterers and halwais would be easing out your family’s efforts by serving the guests. Delicacies would be created everyday in the house kitchen to serve the special shaadi ka khana to the guests. Needless to say that the food would be steeped in oil and there would be plenty of fried items on the menu like kachoris, puris, cutlets, pakoras. Definitely tasty, but not meant for the bride. Oily foods can aggravate many skin problems and lead to breakouts and boils on your skin, which is the last thing you want to show off on your wedding day. You need some health products and more of fresh, homemade, less oily food from your kitchen. Include lots of seasonal fruits, vegetables, pulses, right amount of cereals and dairy in your diet to ensure that bridal glow. Ask someone to cook for you or find out some time to do it yourself, its definitely worth the effort!

3. Be steeped in anxiety & stress

Anxiety & Stress are synonymous with wedding. While all the glitter and glammer of wedding gets a lot of attention, only the bride knows what a mix of emotions she is going through. The thought of moving into a new house, new environment, adjusting with new people is intimidating enough to create a lot of anxiety. The whole idea of leaving your parental house and impressing your mother in law (that’s different that it may never happen but we’ll talk about that later) can bring tears to an Indian bride each time that thought creeps in. Stress can raise your cortisol levels to alarming levels. Cortisol is a hormone produced by the body in response to stress and can play havoc with your skin, weight and overall feeling of well being. If you are trying to lose weight for your wedding and your honeymoon, stress is the last thing you need on your plate! Click to know how to get lean for your wedding in 12 weeks!

Meditating for 10-15 minutes everyday, yoga, light exercises, rhythmic breathing, pranayama can help you relax and relieve some of your stress. Enjoy the present moment instead of looking too far ahead and worrying about it. Cross the bridge when you reach it!

4. Not take a makeup trial

While all of us would believe that the salon stylists are experts and we have limited professional makeup acumen, we all know that makeup disasters happen especially on special occasions. Sometimes it looks like the bride would have looked better if she would have done self-makeup rather than spending thousands on the makeup artist. Ask the salon to give you a trial on half your face which would give you an idea of how you would look. You don’t want to look chalky, flaky or dull on your wedding day.

Don’t refrain from DIY makeup on the smaller occasions. Rushing to the parlour for everything only wastes time and money without achieving too much. Sometimes its only the guests who end up enjoying while the bride is busy making trips to the parlour.

5. Roam around in the sun!

Of course lots of running around is a part and parcel of the wedding preparation, which also involves roaming around in the sun while you do shop hopping. Being out and about in the sun for too long can cause unwanted tanning and lead to pigmentation especially on the face. You don’t want those tanning lines to show under the short sleeves of your designer choli on your wedding day! So take appropriate measures to protect yourself from the sun like wearing a good sunscreen. You can also up your style quotient by carrying a pretty umbrella or a wearing a nice hat.


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