5 bridal nathni’s that would transform you…

We have spoken about maang tikkas and their importance in the bride’s wedding jewellery, but the bridal nathni is a completely different ballgame. This piece of jewellery occupies the centre of your face and screams for attention. Nathni is almost synonymous with bridal as generally it’s worn only on weddings these days!

1. The Small and dainty nosepin – Not really a bridal nathni

Even though its in vogue to wear large bridal nath’s, this regular, dainty nosepin can never go wrong. Elegant and pretty, it is ideal for brides who want to go light on their jewellery. It is also very suitable to balance the look when the other jewellery like  your earrings and neckpiece are very heavy.

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2. The large bridal nathni

These beautiful large bridal nathni’s may give you a lot of discomfort to wear but they are truly royalty personified. Remember Aishwarya’s large nathni in Jodha Akbar?  A large golden nath with a small kundan design at the end looks beautiful. Half of the circle of the nosering covered in kundan or pearls also looks stunning. bridal nath

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3. The kundan bridal nathni

Nothing can match the beauty of kundan, especially if your rest of the jewellery is Kundan. You can either go for the entire nath being in kundan or a part of the nath being in Kundan. Kundan nathni’s have become so trendy that one could spot Sonam Kapoor wearing it with her saree at the Cannés film festival.

4. The Marathi bridal nathni

The Marathi nosering is a complete look changer. These traditional noserings are very beautiful, an ultimate look changer, very different and distinctively Marathi. It is a must wear for Marathi brides!  

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5. The decorated chain nathni

If you prefer to go for a heavier look, the decorated bridal nath’s are the ones to go for. The chain going all the way upto the hair has spaced out latkans falling onto the face in a pretty way.

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Useful resources to buy bridal nathni’s online:

http://www.ebay.com/bhp/bridal-nath http://www.mirraw.com/store/nose-ring http://www.attractivejewellerystore.com/index.php/bridal-jewellery/bridal-nath.html Which one is your favourite bridal nathni?

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