The Bride’s Vanity Box in a Budget

Brides Vanity BoxIf you are searching on the net regarding which makeup products to buy for your vanity box, and you are wary of spending too much on makeup, then you are unlikely to find any relevant information.

What you are most likely to find, are women throwing Mac shades and numbers at you, how Bobbi Brown’s the next to perfect makeup brand ever made and even women talking about certain brush numbers and makeup tools appearing it look as if makeup is impossible without all that paraphernalia! One generally concludes two things after seeing all these self-help videos and makeup advice. First, makeup = expensive. Second, you need lots of products and tools to do your makeup!

Well, to start with, the brands mentioned above are no doubt some of the finest makeup brands, but they are expensive too, and frankly if you are not a makeup expert, you can hardly tell the difference if you use Mac vs any other brand. About all the brushes, sizes and what not available in the market, again you need to know what use to make of them before you rush to buy them.

So coming back to the topic, lets see how you can make a great wedding vanity box without burning a hole in your pocket.

So here goes the list of make-up essentials that should be there in all vanity boxes:


1. Kohl / Kajal

This is one the oldest Kajal sticks that Lakme came out with. It is not smudge proof, long lasting etc, but it does it’s job of giving a deep black shade of Kohl to your eyes.

If smudge-proof is what you like, then you can go for Coloressence Bridal Kajal.

2. Mascara

Mascara is used to give volume to your lashes and can be used even in a hurry.

3. Eyeshadow

There are loads and loads of videos on how to apply eyeshadow, its shades, brushes, blending etc, but again for a novice, a four colour pallete, with neutral colours and a regular brush would be the best. Its best to choose a colour pallete with pink, beige and browns as those colours go well with most of the outfits.


4. Eyeliner

Eyeliners along with Kajal can really enhance the eyes and make them appear larger. They are a must have in all Vanity boxes! There are various shades in eyeliners available too, but black is the best for Indian eyes. You can also take a eyeliner with a shimmer to add some drama to your eyes.



1. Moisturizer


2. Foundation

Choosing the right foundation is a slightly difficult task. If you don’t like heavy makeup, and you’re looking for a daily wear solution, then you can go for a tinted moisturizer which has both a moisturizer and a hint of foundation to cover the blemishes.


If you want to go for a regular foundation, there are many options that you can choose from.


3. Concealer

For the days when you are going out for weddings or parties, you might want your skin to appear even more flawless. Concealers help in hiding the dark circles, dark areas around the lips, acne marks and other imperfections.

4. Compact

Compact is a very important makeup product which sets in everything you’ve applied on your face and can be used easily on the go. You can go for loose powder or compact powder.


5. Blush


1. Lipsticks

Goes without saying, lipsticks are an obvious essential in any vanity box. It’s good to have atleast 2-3 different colour shades suitable for all occasions. You can go for 2 matte lipsticks and 2 lip glosses for variety.

2. Lipliner

If you like to outline your lips, then you can go for lipliners otherwise they need not be purchased.


1. Nail Paints & Remover

Again 4 shades of nail colour in the bride’s vanity box would generally be sufficient for most of the occasions.

2. Makeup Remover

Its very important that you remove those layers of makeup before going to bed and prevent your skin pores from clogging. So having a makeup remover in your vanity box is a must.

3. Vanity box

To house all the makeup you purchased safely and with care, you obviously need a nice vanity box! You can either go for a non-bulky, portable vanity case which can be carried even when you
re travelling or a bigger, more spacious one.

There are plenty of options that you can choose from on Ebay.

Apart from this you can also add nail cutter, filer, foundation application brushes or sponges if you like.

If you follow the above suggestions, you can actually manage to buy 20 makeup products excluding the vanity box within almost 5000 Rupees! So bottom-line is that you CAN make a great bridal vanity box very much within your budget.

Happy shopping!

Disclaimer: This is not a paid post. All the above mentioned products are based on the author’s research. Readers are advised to do their own research before purchasing.

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