My Hilarious Godhbharai Ceremony

I had spent 1 whole long month matching my hair accessories, nail paint and jewelry with the exact shades of my lehenga for my godhbharai ceremony. My peach, turquoise and golden lehenga looked just perfect for the day function. My corset type of peach and golden blouse revealed my tummy almost negligibly. On the d-day, everything was perfect, the hair, makeup, my pretty lehenga, dupatta draped on the shoulders, my dainty bajuband & made-for-my-lehenga jewellery. I also carried a matching hand purse and strutted in golden stilettos. After the thousandth selfie clicked alone and alongwith my sister, I was finally asked to enter the venue and grace the audience with my presence.

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Wedding Games

Kangna Ceremony

Wedding GamesThe Kangna is a sacred thread tied to the bride and groom’s wrists to ward off evil spirits. The thread is usually opened at the end of the pheras. The bride is allowed to open the groom’s Kangna with both her hands while the groom can use only one hand to open the bride’s Kangna. If you want to win this battle of who is able to open the Kangna, suggest the person tying the Kangna to your wrist to make it very tight!!!




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