How to create your own Maang Tikka…

Maang tikka, although a very beautiful piece of jewellery, is not regularly worn and hence not available in the jewellery collection of most girls. However, it is very easy to create your own maang tikka sitting in the comfort of your home with your very own choice of jewellery! You can easily create maang tikkas with your collection of pendants and earings. Just follow these three easy steps and you’ll have your maang tikka ready in minutes!

1.Selecting the Maang tikka

Take a pendant or an earing, preferably a large one as this needs to cover your forehead to some extent. Small and petite pendants may not show at all. We’ve taken a pretty, longish diamond pendant to create a our beautiful maang tikka.create your own maang tikka

2. Creating a chain for the tikka

Depending upon the type of your tikka, pick a suitable chain for it. For example, the tikka that we are creating here is a diamond one and would look good in a silver or a pearl chain. You can pick a thin chain if you don’t want the chain to show in your hair or alternatively you can take a thick chain like a pearl chain for the pendant if your hairstyle shows off the maang tikka chain.

create your own maang tikka

3. The final round to create your own maang tikka…

Close the chain and place it on the parting of your hair where you would want to place your maang tikka. Take a bobby pin and pin the chain in place. If your chain is too long, you can pin it at the back of your head and cover it up with your hair. Pinning the tikka at the front would keep in place too.

create your own maang tikka

So there you go, your very own, homemade maang tikka is ready to wear!

You can also do this with your favourite earings and use them as beautiful maang tikkas!

Have fun making these easy DIY maang tikkas!

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