Celebrity Designer Wedding Invitations

Celebrity wedding are always exciting and secretly we all want to incorporate atleast a bit of what our favourite star did into our own weddings! Designer wedding invitations are certainly one of them. Invitation cards are the first things which start making headlines in the magazine section of newspapers when a celebrity is about to get married. They become a source of inspiration for many and set benchmarks as to how-it-should-be-done!

Lets have a look at what the celebrities have been doing and what are the latest trends in this exclusive category of designer wedding invitations.

1.Designer Initials of the couple

Combining the couple’s initials and adding a designer touch to it is the new trend. Shilpa Shetty, Lara Dutta and Genelia all had their initials inscribed on their designer wedding invitation cards. Shilpa got her cards done from designer Ravish Kapoor while Lara and Genelia chose the Entertainment and Design company of Delhi.

These designed initials can be a part of not only the invitation card but several other wedding accessories such as chocolates, sweet boxes, envelopes, wine bottles and even the wedding table napkins like a brand!

Genelia’s Invitation

Designer wedding invitations

Lara Dutta’s Invitation

 Designer Invitation cards

Shilpa’s Invitation

Designer wedding invitations


2. Vanisha Mittal’s Invitation

Talking about designer wedding invitations, one cannot miss Vanisha Mittal’s wedding invite, the daughter of steel tycoon Lakshmi Mittal. Her wedding went into Guinness World book of records as one of the most expensive weddings till date, so how could the invitation card lag behind.

The invitation card was 20 page long detailing about the ceremonies for all the 5 days. The invite was hand-painted and included beautiful poetry. The beautiful card was packed in a silver box and sent along with gifts to their guests.

Since the wedding was a private affair, not many pictures of the invite are available.

3. Designer wedding invitations box

The wedding invite is as good as the wedding box it is enclosed in. The invitation box can range from paper to wood, to ancient looking sandook to even silver or Swarovski studded exterior. The box increases the curiosity of the guest who receives it to open it and view the contents of his newly arrived parcel.

Wedding boxes are used by most celebrities like Vanisha Mittal, Genelia, Shilpa Shetty & Esha Deol to enclose their invitation cards.

4. Radha Krishna Invitation cards

No love story is bigger than the eternal love story of Radha-Krishna and Esha Deol got this story etched on her designer wedding invitation card! Esha’s card was enclosed in a gold and cream coloured reusable box with a lotus engraved on it. Of course the initials of the couple were also embedded in gold on the box. Inside the box there were leaflets of the various wedding functions with the backdrop of Radha Krishna. The card was accompanied with sweets and dry fruits.

Eshas card was designed by Mumbai’s Multi Creation.

Esha’s Invitation

Designer wedding invitations

 5. The yearly planner concept

Uttara Shah designed Imran Khan’s wedding invitation with a unique concept. She designed the card in the form of a yearly planner with their invitation carried on their wedding date! The fun mehndi ceremony invitation was designed as a pink and yellow pinwheel with the invitation attached to it.

Designer wedding invitations

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