How to Get lean in 12 Weeks for your wedding…

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Most brides wish to get lean and flaunt those dashboard abs on their wedding day in their favourite wedding outfit, a La Katrina Kaif in Singh is King. A good body can make even the simplest of a wedding dress look stunning, not to mention the post wedding honeymoon outfits!

get lean for wedding

get lean for wedding 

To get that wonder body, did you try that new fad diet you heard about at the gym? Or did you try to implement what a certain celebrity nutritionist said? Or did you try to follow Kareena Kapoor’s size zero diet? Or did you try that new trending workout which was there in the newspaper? But unfortunately, like most people, none of these seemed to have worked!

So is it actually possible to get the body you wished for? Or is this place reserved only for the celebrities who get the right trainers, nutritionists and dietitians? If you are still trying to find out that answer, you are at the right place.

Here’s a programme which can actually make all your dreams come true. You can get the body you always wished for. You can fit into all those beautiful dresses that you imagined yourself in. You can change your lifestyle and keep the fat away for good. You can get rid of that obscene cellulite, eat healthier, become fitter and leaner for life.

So what is the Get lean programme all about?

A neatly designed 12 week programme lays down the foundations of good nutrition, workouts with a lot of emphasis on the correct form and technique that can help you achieve the body you want. Especially designed for women, this programme is ideal for those who are trying to lose flab, look toned, get leaner and healthier.

The programme is designed by an Australian lady, Belinda Benn, who had the courage to transform herself from overweight to extremely fit with a body to die for! Check out her before and after pictures and see her transformation yourself. Yes, it’s the same lady in both the pictures! Can you guess her age?


Most of you would have got it wrong, she’s currently 50+ and her transformation happened in her 40s! The age where we feel that there’s no turning back and no change is possible. Having undergone this massive transformation, Belinda Benn has ‘been there done that’ and she has set out on the path to change other women’s lives for good through her experiences.

What you get in the programme:

  1. Day by day menu for all the meals and snacks for 12 weeks alongwith the appropriate portion sizes. Also has a 7 day vegetarian plan for all the vegans out there.
  2. Workouts for 12 weeks which can be followed even after completion of the get lean programme. The workouts are complete with videos and detailed description on correct form and technique. You can even do the workouts at home. Some equipment like dumbbells, exercise ball and a barbell are good to have but not necessary.
  3. 1 month of free personalized coaching by a real coach who will guide you through the initial stages of the programme and provide you with customized workouts. You can choose to continue the coaching for a fixed monthly fee as well.
  4. Loads and loads of healthy recipes, workout of the month, interaction with other get leaners across the globe.
  5. Belinda’s personal touch. She’s no less than a celebrity but she hardly behaves like one! You will not find any question, email or message to Belinda or her team of coaches unanswered, ever! Belinda takes personal interest in each and every individual and is there to help you transform.
  6. It is designed especially for women keeping in mind their hormones, body type and strength.

What the programme is not:

  1. A wonder pill which will transform you to get lean magically. Just like getting into your current shape took time, getting lean will also take time and it will need your determination and hardwork to stick to the programme guidelines and reach your goal.
  2. A crash diet which will make you lean by starving. The programme highlights the importance of good nutrition, eating healthy, fresh and a balanced diet to achieve long term goals

The drawbacks of the programme:

The only drawback of the programme is that Belinda currently does not have Indian meal plans and therefore the prescribed diet would be a little hard to follow and sustain for Indians. Belinda however with her super user engagement, can help you modify your current diet and synchronize it with her get lean programme.

The costs:

6-7k Rs for the get lean programme and if you want to continue coaching post the 1 month free trial period, you need to pay ~2.5k Rs as a monthly fee. If you feel that you need some constant motivation and help to achieve your goals then the suggestion would be to go for the monthly coaching as well, as a customized guidance makes all the difference!

While Indian weddings are one of the costliest in the world, the cost to get lean is certainly petty.

If you have any questions about the programme, you can put in your queries in the comments section below and we will share it with Belinda to answer you all.

As ending thoughts, fitness is not a destination but a way of life!

Purchase the programme here: Get Lean Program

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