Get those lustrous hair!

Hair are an essential part of a woman’s beauty and have an important contribution to the way we look. Unfortunately with the unavoidable pollution, heat and chemicals sometimes we lose that shine of our hair and they start looking dry, frizzy and dull. But not to worry, here are some tips and techniques which you can do at home and get back those lustrous hair.

But don’t worry, there are lots of quick and easy remedies that one can follow at home and achieve great results:

The Mayonnaimayonnaise-for-hairse Treatment: Take a cup of mayonnaise and massage it into the scalp and hair. Cover your hair with a shower cap and leave it on for 15 mins. Wash your hair off with a mild shampoo. Mayonnaise has oil and eggs which nourish the hair and leave them looking soft and lustrous.

beerBeer: Pour beer in a spray bottle and spray it evenly on your hair after washing. This will make your hair shine and give it volume. Flat beer works best on hair. A lot of celebrities too are known to use beer on their hair for that extra shine!

oliveOlive Oil: Massage olive oil in your hair and scalp. Cover the hair with a shower cap or a plastic bag, then wrap aluminium foil with shiny side up and follow it up with another plastic bag. The aluminium foil generates heat which will opens up the pores and allows oil to penetrate in the scalp. Try it, it really works!

bananaBanana Wonder: Take one banana, 2-3 tsp of olive oil and 4-5 tsp of milk. Mix all the ingredients together into a paste. Apply it on the scalp and hair and leave on for 15 mins. Rinse off with mild shampoo.

yogurtYogurt: Mix a bowl of yogurt with one lemon. Cover your hair in a shower cap after applying the mixture and leave on for 30-40 mins. Wash it off with shampoo and cold water.

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