Godh Bharai Ceremony & Tilak

Godh Bharai Ceremony

Godh Bharai ceremony is generally held a couple of days before the wedding. It can be done at any time convenient to both the families before the wedding day.

This wedding ritual marks the acceptance of the girl as a part of the groom’s family. It is conducted by the women of the groom’s family and traditionally the males did not attend this function.

In olden days, the bride used to wear a beautiful saree and the women used to adorn her with jewellery, make up and gifts. However, these days the dress, the makeup and the jewellery are all pre-planned by the bride and it is advisable to gift her the makeup and jewellery rather than actually make her wear it as it might spoil her look that she would have so carefully done at a salon or by herself!

The bride is gifted with make up products, jewellery, henna, sarees, suits, handbags, footwear, fruits, sweets and baby toys. The gifts are placed in the bride’s lap (Godh) and that’s where the ceremony derives its name of Godh-Bharai.

Godh bharai ceremony


Tip for the bride: In this wedding ritual, make the colour of your dress and your look different from your wedding day, so that each ceremony looks unique in itself and not an extension of the wedding!


Tilak is also held a couple of days before the wedding.

Just as Godh-Bharai marks the acceptance of the girl into the groom’s family, similarly tilak is the same thing for the groom.

In this wedding ritual, a puja or havan is performed first by the groom and the bride’s family post which the bride’s family blesses the groom with tilak and gifts. Traditionally this ritual was attended by only male members of the bride’s family.

The groom is gifted with jewellery which can be a chain, ring, a wrist watch, clothes, dry fruits, sweets, cash and any other gift the bride’s family may want to give.

Tip for the Groom : The Puja generally requires the groom to cover his head, and due to unavailability of anything  at that time, the groom ends up covering it with a handkerchief which makes the pictures look disastrous. So make sure you arrange for pagdis much before. They’ll look smart and solve the purpose as well.

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