Haldi Ceremony Dress – Ideas & Inspiration

Haldi ceremony dress

Haldi ceremony is one of the most entertaining ceremonies amongst all the pre wedding rituals of a wedding. The attendees of the function are generally close relatives and friends, and therefore the haldi ceremony dress, becomes rather important.

Couture or Old?

When it comes to thinking about the haldi ceremony dress, you generally find two types of extreme thinking. Girls either start thinking couture, or they will think of being in their worst pyjamas or an old suit with the thinking that it would get soiled anyway. But trust me, for the haldi ceremony, you ought to be somewhere in between. Not too over the top expensive and heavy and at the same time not a faded old, fit-for-holi kind of outfit. What you need here, is a pretty, not-that-new outfit which would not burn your heart when it gets haldied, nor will it make you turn over your haldi pictures in a rush!

Colours of the Haldi ceremony dress

The haldi ceremony dress should always have some yellow, which is the colour of turmeric as well, the main ingredient of the haldi ceremony. Although an overall yellow or saffron dress looks great, but combining it with white or off white looks even better. Just like holi played in a white attire brings out the holi colours, similarly having a little white with some yellow in your dress, brings out the contrasting yellow of the haldi really well.

An off white cotton saree with a yellow, gold or saffron border looks beautiful. Even a yellow and orange combination looks great. You can also wear an off white suit with a yellow, golden dupatta and combine it with kolhapuri slippers. If you don’t have yellow with you, don’t fret, go for shades of orange, neon, light green as those colours also look fabulous in a haldi ceremony dress.

Tip: Apply light makeup on your face and carry a casual hairdo. Braids are a good idea for haldi as they look chic and at the same time prevent your hair from being completely messed up in haldi. A lose bun looks great too!

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