Honeymoon in Paris

“Paris is the city of romance” they say…and during my recent vacation I realized that there is truth in every word of that saying. There is something in the air of Paris which makes you feel in a perpetual state of love, and that’s what makes honeymoon in Paris so special! Maybe its the ancient, rustic structures standing all around, or the street side beautiful cafés, or the pretty Seine river flowing across the heart of the city or something else, I don’t know, you have to go there to feel it!

Although there are many things to see in Paris, I’ve put together some of the locations which would be delightful to see, especially on a honeymoon.

1. The Seine River Cruise

I strongly recommend starting your Paris journey with the Seine river cruise as it takes you past many delightful attractions of Paris at a glimpse. More than that, the music, champagne, ornate bridges, cool breeze and the calm river sets your romantic juices flowing, what better way to start your honeymoon in Paris?

honeymoon in paris

Paris boasts of having around 37 bridges crossing the river Seine. The cruise takes you under many of those, each having its own beauty, reminding you of European old world charm. Some of them even date back to the time of Napoleon! While on the cruise, you would also see Parisians sitting on the banks of the river, just enjoying the weather and the beauty of the river. A very romantic and peaceful hangout for couples as well!

honeymoon in paris

2. The Eiffel Tower

Honeymoon in paris


The Eiffel tower, one of the 7 wonders of the world, has become a symbol of Paris. It was built-in 1889 and is 300 meters tall, visible from almost all over the city. The beautiful, brown tower, is one of the most visited monument across the world. It is painted once every seven years with tonnes and tonnes of paint.



The three levels of the Eiffel tower throw open breath-taking views of the entire city of Paris. Don’t miss to spot the single high-rise building from above the Eiffel tower. This high-rise jutting out into the skies of the city was disliked by the Parisians and was considered a dent in Paris’s beauty. The city now has a law, which does not allow buildings to be above 9 floors.

honeymoon in paris

Honeymoon in Paris

Eiffel from Trocadero Square


Due to its height, it’s often difficult to capture the Eiffel tower in entirety in your pictures, but Trocadéro square is the place which gives fantastic photo opportunities. Infact you may even see many brides and grooms getting a photo shoot done at this very square!

3. Musée du Louvré

honeymoon in ParisParis is home to more than 150 museums, out of which the Louvré is the largest and the most famous one. It is infact the world’s largest and most visited museum! The Louvré was originally a fortress which was converted into a museum in 1793.

Standing next to the river Seine, it is a historic, central landmark of Paris.

The Louvré’s large art galleries house 35000 artworks alongwith with many famous ones like the Mona-Lisa and sculpture of Venus de Milo.

honeymoon in paris

honeymoon in parishoneymoon in paris

All Dan Brown enthusiasts will be eager to get their pictures clicked next to the beautiful pyramids of Louvré, which are modern day additions to the historic museum. The Louvré is so large that it cannot be covered in an entire day, so it is advisable to choose your favourite trails in the museum.

4. The Love Lock Bridge – a highlight of Honeymoon in Paris

Honeymoon in Paris is incomplete without visiting the Love lock bridge also called Pont des Amoureux, one of the many beautiful bridge’s of Paris crossing the Seine river. On the Lover’s bridge, couples write their love message on a lock and fix it on the fence of the bridge. They then throw the keys of the lock in the Seine river. Lore says that this is a sign of eternal love, and your love gets locked forever!

honeymoon in paris


Doesn’t that sound wonderful, and so fairytalish?

5. Eurodisney

Eurodisney is the only Disneyland of Europe, a must visit for all the couples who would want to throw in some adventure into their honeymoon. Disneyland is a big place and one can almost spend an entire day over here.

honeymoon in paris

Tip: You may want to give it a miss if you’ve seen Disneyland elsewhere or even Universal studios.

5. Shopping & Streetside Cafés

Paris and shopping are almost synonymous to each other. If you want to shop for brands, Champs-Élysées is the street to be in, one of the most happening and crowded streets of Paris. Infact this street also houses the largest Louis Vuitton store in the world! So ladies, that makes for a beautiful honeymoon present watsay? Although Paris is known for couture, there is a lot of affordable shopping also that you can find there if you search a little.

honeymoon in paris

Paris Shopping Guide

Affordable shopping in Paris

While travelling through Paris in the summer, you’ll notice Parisians sitting in street side cafés and sipping on their favourite latté or even wine. This experience should not be missed as it feels great to be sitting by the roadside in Paris, feeling the pleasant summer breeze on your face and having a cup of your favourite coffee!

honeymoon in paris

Other Attractions of Paris

The Lido Show

The Lido show is a very famous French Cabaret dance which takes place in a very happening street in Paris – the Champs-Élysées.

Chateau of Versailles

This palace is not exactly in Paris but a little away from it in the city of Versailles. This beautiful palace was once home to the French royalty and the centre of the government. This palace was also used, for the first time in history, for the wedding of Lakshmi Mittal’s daughter Vanisha Mittal.

Flea Markets of Paris

Although Paris is famous for branded fashion, it is also famous for its many flea markets or the lés pucés. The flea markets are home to almost everything, right from silverware to clothes! Shopping here is a very different kind of an experience and affordable too. These are almost like the patri markets of India in the beautiful city of Paris!

Do let us know what you think about honeymooning in Paris…

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