How to Choose a Foundation…

How to choose the perfect foundationBefore we get to the part of how to choose a foundation, first of all, try and be comfortable in your own skin. Don’t try to look like a skin tone that you’re not, because what happens then is that the makeup instead of merging into the skin stands out separately, especially in the photographs. You don’t want that to happen! So everyone should be aware of what kind of makeup products would suit them and the most important is how to choose a foundation which is just perfect for your skin-tone…


What is your skin type?

There are a lot of foundation products out there in the market, liquid, powder, oil free etc which are suitable for different skin types. So when you’re pondering over how to choose a foundation, the first thing you need to know is your own skin type.


      • If your skin is dry, go for the moisturizing foundation, the one which has a hydrating effect.
      • If you have an oily skin, use oil free liquid or powder foundation.
      • If you have a combination skin, use powder foundation.


Choosing the perfect foundation shade…

Now, lets come to the shade of the foundation. The foundation shade must exactly match your skin shade. If it is darker or lighter than that, then it will not look good.

How to choose the perfect foundation

Another thing also that we need to consider is our skin undertone, it is basically the colour that our under-skin reflects.

You should choose foundations with pink undertones if you are fair and go for yellow undertones if you are towards the darker side. Generally foundations are labelled with the tone they carry.

Trying and Testing the Foundation

When you are finally purchasing the foundation, a lot of times the sales girls put it on the underside of your arm, which is generally fairer that the face. So it may end up looking great on your arm, but not on the face.

Try the foundation on your jawline and forehead and let it settle down for sometime. Take a stroll in the mall for 10-15 minutes and then come back and see how it looks on your skin. If it looks caky, or makes you look white or dark, this one is not for you. If it blends with your skin, you’re good to go!

Finally…Applying the Foundation!

Now that you’ve perfected the art of how to choose a foundation, the right appllication of this product is also important. You can use a sponge, your fingertips or a thick brush.

How to choose the perfect foundation How to choose the perfect foundation

  • Wash your face and hands and let them dry
  • Apply foundation dots around your face such as on your chin, nose, cheeks and forehead.
  • Spread the foundation evenly with a sponge, your fingertips or the brush.
  • Make sure that the foundation is spread right up till the jawline and the forehead. Your non-foundation skin should not be peeping out from the corners.
  • Leave it on for 3-5 minutes and allow it to settle
  • Take a tissue and dab it on your face so that any excess foundation comes off.
  • Finally apply loose powder on your face to set the foundation

Tip: Incase your face is very dry and flaky, dab some moisturizer on your face after applying foundation. Just dab it and dont rub it in, that way the foundation doesn’t come off.

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Wallah! You just got that flawless skin!!!

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