How to Get Super Sexy Skin in 28 Days for your Wedding…

Did you just spend a bomb purchasing that cream for that bridal glow as your wedding is just around the corner?super sexy skin

Have you finished shortlisting the salon you will be visiting offering the best bridal package for your skin, hair.

Ever wondered why no cream, lotion, moisturizer and other bla-bla terminology product never worked on your skin, no matter how big a hole it burnt in your pocket?

Why do pregnant ladies, when they are least likely to be using a product, get glowing, radiant skin?

And why do you tend to get those ugly breakouts when you are stressed or eat oily even though you are thorough with your skincare products.

If you have ever found yourself asking any of the above questions, this is where you can get your answers.

Someone has rightly said that beauty is more internal than external. Don’t worry Im not trying to sermon on getting a better soul and ignore your looks. What you eat, how much you exercise, how you breathe are all actually the leading indicators of how your skin looks rather than of what you apply on your skin. What you apply is also important, but you don’t need to spend a bomb on it! If that was true then Cleopatra or Draupadi wouldn’t have looked half as beautiful as they are described to be.

So what can you do when everywhere you look, newspapers, television, internet, you see beautiful, radiant women applying all those expensive products

To answer all those queries, I was lucky enough to discover Belinda Benn’s super sexy skin programme where she concentrates on right eating, exercise and purely natural skin treatments, most ingredients of which can be simply picked out of your kitchen shelf.

Belinda Benn, the popular Australian designer of the super effective getlean program, has been slowly transforming the lives of many women across the globe making them look slimmer, smarter and sexier. While her fitness programme is immensely popular, she also has other hidden gems like the super sexy skin programme and bye bye cellulite which have given amazing results to women.

Belinda has herself worked in the cosmetic industry for 15 years and she knows that while the entire industry is selling its products to clients based on their hope to look better, beautiful skin is certainly not about spending large amount of money on skin products.

She is 50+ but her skin never once gives away her age. It looks just perfect, flawless and glowing, something which most brides would aim but never get even after their salon visits.

super sexy skin

Home-made skin care is not a new concept in India where we have a legacy of natural skincare products being used traditionally. Remember that old bottle of Multani mitti or the besan and turmeric ubtan which we have all used at some point of time in our lives.

So what exactly does the programme have on offer:

  1. The programme is for 28 days, yes it only takes 28 days to reveal your beautiful skin!
  2. She teaches the amazing DIY Shiatsu massage which helps remove all the underlying toxins from the skin through the lymphatic system. Shiatsu uses acupressure on the right points on the face and improves blood circulation.
  3. It includes a meal by meal 7 day eating plan which can be used as a guideline to what needs to be consumed. The eating plan balances your hormones and heals your skin from inside out. Hormones are also the reason why expecting women glow and yes you can get that glow too by eating right.
  4. A purely natural skincare guide. Belinda has put together all her knowledge on homemade skincare for the world to make use of. Essential oils, coffee, eggs etc which are easily available have been put together to give you that beautiful skin.
  5. Belinda’s support. While all her programmes are great, they are also known for her constant support as she knows that one size doesn’t fit all. As you start, you can interact with Bel who will tell you the most suitable skincare routine to follow from her purely natural recipes.

While I didn’t find any minus points, these could be some of those:

  1. The eating plan is not Indian and hence you might have difficulty in following it. However it can still be used as a guideline as to what to eat.
  2. For the lazy bums, yes you would definitely need to do some work to prepare the homemade stuff vs. just visiting a salon.

The program costs around 5k Rs, which I’m sure is much less than any of your bridal packages. If followed with dedication, there is no reason why you wouldn’t get that beautiful, radiant bridal glow that you wanted. Infact you can incorporate the takeaways of the programme as a lifestyle and always show off that super sexy skin which doesn’t need to wear makeup to look good!

If you have any queries, drop in a comment below and they will get forwarded straight to Belinda Benn!

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