Indian Bridal Hairstyles

The hair is the richest ornament of women”  ~ Martin Luther.

This quote especially holds true for a girl about to get married. The way women wear their hair can completely change their look and enhance their personality. Hair is one thing that requires attention for not only the wedding day but all the pre-wedding functions as well. But not to worry, there are plenty of Indian bridal hairstyles that you could select for your D-Day!

While choosing a hairstyle for yourself, it is very important to keep in mind the shape of the face and the type of hair. For the benefit of brides, we have put together some of the best and trending Indian bridal hairstyles and how-to-do-videos for all the functions right uptill the wedding, so read on…

1. The bun / Juda – One of the quintessential Indian bridal hairstyles

On the wedding day, most brides drape their dupattas from the head and the bun is needed to support the dupatta.

If you have thick and voluminous hair, then this beautiful updo would look great on you. To complete the look, decorate your hair with a fresh gajra and you’re good to go!

Indian Bridal Hairstyles

2. Indian bridal hairstyles with a delicate look

For a softer look and for brides with lighter hair especially in the front, leave some curled hair loose and let them fall on the sides of the face. Make sure you don’t pull your hair back in a tight bun, rather ask your hairdresser to give your hair volume from the front and then take it back in a bun.


3. Indian Bridal hairstyles with braids

Braids are back in vogue again! Braids can be decorated with flowers and accessories and can be flicked to the front over the wedding dress unlike the bun which remains hidden inside the dupatta.

4. The engagement look

If engagement is the other major event apart from the wedding, then make your hair and overall look different from your wedding look. So if you’re planning to tie your hair in a bun on the wedding day then it would be a good idea to leave your hair loose on the engagement. Fresh flowers like Roses, Gerberas matching with your dress colour, or even contrasting, can do wonders for your overall look.

5. Indian bridal hairstyles for smaller ceremonies

For all the other smaller ceremonies, go ahead and experiment with your hair, be it a messy side chignon, a half up half down look or even braids!

Which style have you zeroed on for yourself?

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