Indian Wedding Rituals -Before the Wedding…

The Indian wedding is a huge affair in terms of both money and time. So obviously there are plenty of wedding rituals associated with it too. Infact these rituals are held not only at the time of the wedding but there are also many before the wedding and after the wedding!

Pre Wedding Rituals

The pre wedding ceremonies are a lot of fun and set the mood for the D-day. In today’s busy lives and smaller families many of us may not remember these wedding rituals in their entirety, and therefore might end up conducting half baked ceremonies on hearsay.

So lets begin by first talking about the wedding rituals which take place before the wedding in detail. You can use this post to understand the essence and the requirements to conduct the pre wedding rituals. You might find slight variations from family to family but the essence remains the same.

Click on the pictures below to read more about these ceremonies…

Wedding Rituals
Mehndi Ceremony Haldi Ceremony Sangeet Ceremony Ring Ceremony Godh Bharai Ceremony

We would love to add any other important pre wedding ceremonies that you might want to suggest. You can either mail us on or just leave a comment here.

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