Managing your Wedding Guest List…

Guest ListThe most important part of any wedding ceremony is to decide and create the guest list. Most often than not, apart from the close relatives and friends, there are many more must-have guests in every wedding. It is extremely important that one doesn’t forget any of their close and not-so-close relatives and friends in order to avoid the uneasy unpleasantness later.

To create a guest list, it is advisable that you use an excel spreadsheet and use it to keep a track of the number of your guests and invitations sent out.

The guest list manager created here would help you in the following ways:

  1. Create a holistic list of all the people you would like to invite by relationship
  2. Check the summary sheet to see the count of guests you have invited in each function and see if your numbers have gone over your desired count. Refresh the pivot table each time you update your data to see updated summary results.
  3. Keep a track of number of invitations sent – physical, online and call. Red for not sent, and green for sent.
  4. Maintain all the addresses and contacts in one place
  5. Share the spreadsheet easily with your parents, siblings and ask them to enter details of the guests they would like to invite.
  6. While sending online invites, just copy all the email id’s in the excel and paste them in your mailing list.
  7. While sending invitations by post or even when you are going to distribute the invitations, use the spreadsheet to sort the guests by city or pincode and cover each area one at a time. This relieves a lot of travelling effort and increases mailing effectiveness.

Guest List

So go ahead, create your wedding guest list effectively and without any stress!

Do give us your feedback on the guest list manager.

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