How to create your own Maang Tikka…

Maang tikka, although a very beautiful piece of jewellery, is not regularly worn and hence not available in the jewellery collection of most girls. However, it is very easy to create your own maang tikka sitting in the comfort of your home with your very own choice of jewellery! You can easily create maang tikkas with your collection of pendants and earings. Just follow these three easy steps and you’ll have your maang tikka ready in minutes!

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Managing your Wedding Guest List…

Guest ListThe most important part of any wedding ceremony is to decide and create the guest list. Most often than not, apart from the close relatives and friends, there are many more must-have guests in every wedding. It is extremely important that one doesn’t forget any of their close and not-so-close relatives and friends in order to avoid the uneasy unpleasantness later.
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Honeymoon in Paris

“Paris is the city of romance” they say…and during my recent vacation I realized that there is truth in every word of that saying. There is something in the air of Paris which makes you feel in a perpetual state of love, and that’s what makes honeymoon in Paris so special! Maybe its the ancient, rustic structures standing all around, or the street side beautiful cafés, or the pretty Seine river flowing across the heart of the city or something else, I don’t know, you have to go there to feel it!
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Are you a Victim of Wedding Obsession?

Thinking and dreaming about your wedding and its preparations is not bad, but over thinking is a disaster. Women, often tend to forget the larger importance of marriage amongst the material aspects of wedding planning to the extent that it starts affecting not only themselves but others as well! Take this quiz to find out if you’re becoming a victim of wedding obsession. Continue reading

Celebrity Designer Wedding Invitations

Celebrity wedding are always exciting and secretly we all want to incorporate atleast a bit of what our favourite star did into our own weddings! Designer wedding invitations are certainly one of them. Invitation cards are the first things which start making headlines in the magazine section of newspapers when a celebrity is about to get married. They become a source of inspiration for many and set benchmarks as to how-it-should-be-done!
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Indian Bridal Hairstyles

The hair is the richest ornament of women”  ~ Martin Luther.

This quote especially holds true for a girl about to get married. The way women wear their hair can completely change their look and enhance their personality. Hair is one thing that requires attention for not only the wedding day but all the pre-wedding functions as well. But not to worry, there are plenty of Indian bridal hairstyles that you could select for your D-Day!
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