Rokna Ceremony

The Rokna Ceremony is the very first ritual before the start of all wedding functions and is generally held almost immediately after the two families agree for the wedding.

Rokna means literally means to stop in Hindi. Therefore the Rokna ceremony symbolizes that the bride and groom should now stop looking further for prospective partners. In this ceremony the two families come together to announce the wedding to their relatives and friends. Gifts are exchanged welcoming the union between the two families.

Depending on the budget and time, the Rokna ceremony can be at a large scale or it can also be a small scale function involving only the two families and a few close relatives.

Rokna Ceremony
Traditionally the bride’s family used to go to the groom’s house to stop his family and vice versa. However these days most families have a joint function at one place where gifts such as dry fruits , jewellery, sweets, cash are exchanged between.

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