Sangeet Ceremony

The sangeet ceremony is a pre wedding ritual which is a must have in every wedding as it adds loads of fun, humour and a sense of celebration. The sangeet ceremony was traditionally only attended by ladies who used to sit around the dholki and sing teasing, humorous songs for the bride and the groom alongwith dance and foot tapping music! So hence it is also known as ladies sangeet.

Sangeet Ceremony

As every auspicious event is started by offering prayers to Lord Ganesha, the sangeet ceremony too kicks off by first singing a Ganesh aarti.

If you are a home junkie and want to plan the sangeet ceremony the traditional way, in the comfort of your home, we have some ideas which may come handy!

  • Shift your furniture out of the way and spread carpets or dari’s on the floor to accomodate everyone.
  • You would need a dholak,

Sangeet Ceremony

a spoon to create additional beats

Sangeet Ceremony

& lots of drinks and snacks to keep the throats of your guests wet and singing-ready.

  • To make this more interesting, make a list of the songs that you would like to sing. A mix of Bollywood and traditional would be most appropriate. Once the selection is done, make sure you take the printouts of the lyrics. When your guests are seated, hand over a copy of those lyrics to them. This is a good way to ensure participation from all. Wedding Sangeet Songs
  • Encourage the guests to sing songs that they know too, even though they might not be in your list of songs.
  • Alongwith the singing, dont forget the dancing aspect of the sangeet ceremony! You must keep a music system in place which can be used to dance to specific songs. There are many bollywood wedding songs that can be chosen and prepared for the sangeet as dance only brings in loads of enjoyment. Bollywood Song Ideas
  • Your guests may feel a little shy at first to dance, so ask your friends or sister to take the lead.
  • Sangeet CeremonyIf you want to add some more zing to your sangeet ceremony, call a professional singing group who would bring in their own music, instruments and would know many more songs. Their is no comparison to the strong voices and professional dholak playing they bring in!
  • Last but not the least, remember most people are not professional dancers or singers, but enjoyment comes only when you participate and make your guests involved in the ceremony!

Tell us how you planned your sangeet ceremony!

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