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Sarees for wedding

A lot of women have the concept that wedding would make them look older and catalyse their transformation from a girl to a woman, from contemporary to traditional and in a worse case scenario, contemporary to ‘behenji’. In general, this mindset is primarily related to clothing and to be specific, with the sarees for wedding.

Don’t fret, Closet Ranipinkk is here to break your notions. This is a brand which seamlessly blends traditional with contemporary, modern fashion with Indian wear. It lets you look like a girl even after your wedding and that too a very beautiful one! So even if you would be joining work soon after your wedding and walking-in in a saree, you would be turning heads for all the right reasons and not for the extra glitter on your outfit. Infact, the sarees designed by Ranipinkk are also very ideal for the pre-wedding functions.

Here’s a sneak peek at the best of Ranipinkk…

1. Sarees for Wedding Ceremonies

As the name suggests, Closet Ranipinkk is best known for its use of bright hues and contrasting them together to make stunning designs. These sarees become most ideal for wedding ceremonies both before and after marriage, be it sangeet, mehendi or even a cocktail party!

2. Beautiful Black!

If you have been told that black is not an auspicious colour, but you can’t let go off your love for the colour, then check out Ranipinkk’s attractive collection with black! The contrasting use of black with other bright colours will not only satiate your appetite it will also not leave any questions to be asked by your mother-in-law on wearing black!

 3. Contemporary Sarees for Work

For sometime after the wedding, a lot of families expect their new bahus to be dressed in traditional wear atleast for a few days after the wedding. To be dressed traditional and be work appropriate at the same time, add some of Ranipinkk’s creations in your wedding trousseau collection. These very elegant and chic sarees are sure to make you look a stunner in office!

Closet Ranipinkk is the creation of designer Simran based in Gurgaon, Delhi. You can buy Ranipinkk’s contemporary sarees for wedding online or write to her or just drop a comment below!


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