Sponsored Weddings in India – Are you Game?

Sponsored WeddingThe concept of sponsored weddings is explored by many couples abroad but a road lesser travelled in India. In a sponsored wedding, the wedding costs are offset completely or in most cases partly, by allowing companies such as wedding vendors to advertise themselves in the wedding ceremony or other related events.

Why would companies go for sponsored weddings?

Marriage is a game of word-of-mouth, especially in India. So for designers of wedding trousseau, invitation cards, caterers and decorators, this a boon! These companies get to target a very relevant audience of 500-1000 people at a go. Just say if people like the food, there is no doubt that they would try out the vendor or suggest the vendor to others as well. Therefore vendors look at weddings as a golden opportunity of advertising to a very niché and appropriate target group.

How should I get my wedding sponsored?

For starters, vendors are not going to sponsor just any wedding. They will typically see the number of guests, the location of the wedding and the type of clientele they are likely to get with this wedding. Some designers might even want to know the profile of the guests in the wedding before they plan to sponsor.

If your wedding fits in the vendor’s criterion of sponsoring, you can offer them advertising space to market themselves. Based on your deal, the vendor would accordingly provide a discount on the cost of his service.

When you sell advertising space, it is important not to make it go over the top and prevent your wedding from looking tacky.

  • You can allow wedding vendors to keep their business cards neatly on guest tables
  • Allocate them banner spaces which are not strikingly large and at the same time visible
  • Provide vendor detail inserts in invitation cards or a list of sponsors behind the wedding cards
  • Vendor names or logos can also be printed on tissues and drapes discretely on the corners.

Our take on sponsored weddings

In today’s age of advertising, companies are constantly on the lookout for innovative marketing ideas and weddings are only a boon for them. A sponsored wedding might look unacceptable at the first glance, but the rising costs of Indian weddings far outweigh the rise in wallet sizes. The use of sponsorship, may help families in planning weddings well within their budgets. Although unconventional, this concept is here to stay and may gain popularity in the near future, especially amongst the young audience!

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