The Thapa Ceremony – A Pre-Wedding Ritual

Thapa ceremonyThis short and sweet ceremony takes place before the wedding in the place where all the other marriage ceremonies are being held. Thapa ceremony is celebrated both at the bride and the groom’s place.

Thapa signifies the welcoming of the God’s before the commencement of the marriage proceedings. It is considered a form of Lord Ganesha and since all auspicious work begins with Ganesh puja, the thapa ceremony takes place before all the wedding ceremonies are started. Therefore, it is advisable to place the thapa in the location you have chosen for the other marriage ceremonies.

What do you do in the Thapa Ceremony…

The bua (father’s sister) of the bride/groom plays a pivotal role in the thapa ceremony. She creates the thapa by dipping her hands in haldi or mehndi and creating her hand imprints on the wall or a paper. The way the thapa is made, varies from family to family. One way of making it is by encircling the hand imprint with 5 circles of dots created with roli. The thapa is then decorated with a silver coin which is stuck to the middle of the hand imprint with the help of some flour dough.

The bride/groom, take blessings from the thapa by lighting a diya in front of it and offering rice, roli, jal and moong dal. While praying in front of the thapa, one must also seek blessings from all their ancestors and all Gods and Goddesses for the auspicious commencement of the wedding ceremonies.

The bride and the groom pray together in front of the thapa after the wedding as well. Once in front of the thapa created at the bride’s place and later in front of the thapa created at the grooms place after Vidaai.

Tip:  These days since wedding ceremonies take place in various locations, it is wise to make the thapa on chart paper pasted on a cardboard. That ways it become portable and also keeps the walls clean!

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