Tone up for the Wedding

I’m sure all of you want to know about the all the possible things that you must do to tone up for the wedding. So here goes…


1. Start Early

There is no quick fix which can transform your body shape if you have only a few days left. So take a pen and a paper and set your goals as to what you want to achieve with your body with enough time in hand.

2. Tone up for the weddingExercise

You cannot skip this one. Exercise atleast 4-5 days a week and stick to that routine.

  • Do a combination of weights and cardio exercises like running, swimming, skipping, dancing. Cardio will help you burn calories while weights will help you build some muscle, shape and tone up. Just spend half an hour on the cardio and that is enough.
  • Out of the 5 days that you set aside for exercise, do yoga for 2 days. Yoga works internally, brings a glow to the skin and relaxes your mind. Pranayama like Kapalbhati, Anulom Vilom and Om Chanting are very good for the body.


  • If you’re unsure about how to exercise, either you can find yourself an instructor or you can buy fitness CD’s which will tell you the right way of exercising, help you set up goals for your body and achieve the results that you wanted in the comfort of your home.



3.tone up for the wedding Eat Healthy

Try and eat mostly at home before the wedding, as this will help you stay away from the oily food and protect you from any food borne infections.

    • Eat proteins like egg whites, toned milk, soyabean.


      • Add nuts like almonds, walnuts, flaxseed to your diet as they provide essential nutrients for the body and make your skin glow.


      • Do not skip any meals as this reduces the metabolic rate of the bodywhich may lead to weight gain rather than weight loss.


      • Add salads and soups to your meals as these give the feeling of a full stomach and you end up eating lesser carbs.


      • Have all types of fruits regularly as these are a good source of vitamins.




4. tone up for the weddingSleep Well

Cut out the stress from your life before your wedding and get those 8 hours of beauty sleep everyday. Give the body enough rest, so that you look well rested and happy.



5. tone up for the weddingStick to the routine

If you want to achieve results, you will have to stick to the exercise and nutrition routine diligently. Beware, results of your efforts will not start to show immediately. Have patience and you will see your body getting toned and shapely.

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