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Kangna Ceremony

Wedding GamesThe Kangna is a sacred thread tied to the bride and groom’s wrists to ward off evil spirits. The thread is usually opened at the end of the pheras. The bride is allowed to open the groom’s Kangna with both her hands while the groom can use only one hand to open the bride’s Kangna. If you want to win this battle of who is able to open the Kangna, suggest the person tying the Kangna to your wrist to make it very tight!!!





Search for the Ring

Wedding GamesImmediately after the Kangna is opened, a big thaal is placed in front of the bride and the groom and is filled with water, flowers, untied kangnas and milk. A ring is put into the thaal by a female relative and the couple is asked to find the ring. Legend says that the person who would find the ring would be the more dominating one out of the two.



wedding gamesChhand means poetry. In some weddings, the groom is asked to recite Chhands. This is the grooms chance to think out of the box and throw some teasers at his sister-in-law and in-laws.

Chhand pakaiya Chhand pakaiya
Chhand ke upar taali
Dusra Chhand tab sunau
Jab nachegi Saali.

or if you want to be a little more naughty then you can use these ones…

Chhand pakaiya Chhand pakaiya
Chhand ke upar taali
Dusra Chhand tab sunau
Jab pappi degi Saali.

Chhand pakaiya Chhand pakaiya
Chhand ke upar petha
Sasural wale taiyaar hojao
Agle Saal Hoga Beta

Chhand pakaiya Chhand pakaiya
Chhand ke upar pul
Kudi tumhari kali chambe ki
mai gulaab da phool

Chhand paraage aaiye jaaiye
Chhandd paraage mehna
BeTi nu samajha dena ji
agya de vich rehna..

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Mutthi Bandh

The bride and the groom  are asked to make a fist while the other person tries to open it.

Bride and Brother-in-Law

When the bride comes home after the wedding, the devar, younger brother of the groom, sits in the bride’s lap and demands his brother for a gift in return for releasing his wife.

 Juta Churai

Wedding gamesThis is one of the most famous games which has been shown time and again in many popular bollywood movies. The bride’s sister steals the groom’s shoes while the couple is performing the puja. Often the groom’s and the bride’s siblings get involved in a friendly tussle over the shoes. The groom’s saali, sister-in-law, gives back his shoes in return for a gift.

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    • How about

      Chhand pakaiya chhand pakaiya chhand ke upar aala, dusra chhand tab sunau jab nache mera saala  

      Chhand pakaiya chhand pakaiya chhand ke upar aari, saali meri priyanka saas meri asha parekh.

      Hope this helps. ..

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