Are you a Victim of Wedding Obsession?

Thinking and dreaming about your wedding and its preparations is not bad, but over thinking is a disaster. Women, often tend to forget the larger importance of marriage amongst the material aspects of wedding planning to the extent that it starts affecting not only themselves but others as well! Take this quiz to find out if you’re becoming a victim of wedding obsession.

1. What does marriage make you think of?

A. Your wedding dress, jewellery, trousseau, décor

B. Your new life, feeling of togetherness, completeness with your husband

C. A replay of saas-bahu serials


2. You recently saw your favourite celebrity’s wedding card, and that made you think:

A. Oh my God! This is what my card should look like!

B. Let me take the opinion of my parents and fiancé and see whether they think it’s nice.

C. This must be over my budget!


3. Your fiancé called you to meet up, and you said:

A. I’m so sorry, but I have an appointment with my hairdresser.

B. Sure, what time?

C. I don’t think its appropriate to meet before marriage, what if things go wrong between us.


4. Your friend called to congratulate you on your wedding, what did you discuss:

A. Your lehenga is in which colour and your trousseau has a count of x saris and y suits, and your invitation is being personally designed by you.

B. How your friend’s life changed for the better after marriage

C. What are the post wedding issues that you may have to face.


5. The wedding is around the corner and you’re :

A. Sweating it out in the gym and working regularly with your nutritionist

B. Watching what you eat and drink and catching your beauty sleep

C. Not doing anything, scared how your body will react to your diet changes


6. While shopping for the wedding you find a wedding dress that makes you feel ‘this is it!’, but its way beyond your parents budget, you:

A. Pester your parents to increase their budget and buy the dress

B. Try and find out another dress which is similar but lesser priced

C. Feel, its great, but will it look good on me?


7. Your fiancé wants to keep the honeymoon destination a surprise, you feel:

A. He should run everything past you before getting the bookings done

B. Wow, this is going to be fun!

C. I don’t have enough clothes to wear on my honeymoon


8. Your mother-in-law says she wants to buy some saris to gift you, and you feel


A. I don’t like her taste, I somehow need to be present with her to buy the saris

B. So sweet of her

C. What will I do with so many saris?


9. Your mom just showed you your grandmother’s antique jewellery, you feel:

A. This is so out of fashion, I’ll get it changed.

B. I want to keep my grandmother’s jewellery as it is, plus antique is in!

C. Will this get further oxidized on using?


10. You’ve always known that you wanted your wedding to look grand, but your fiancé wants a simple ceremony, you:

A. Make a face, and argue with him that the wedding has to be like the way you’ve thought

B. Discuss with him, and try to find out his reasons of wanting to have a simple ceremony

C. Think that a simple ceremony would make you look like a loser in front of your friends and relatives


Mostly A’s: Wedding Obsession has certainly taken over you. You are over thinking about your wedding planning which may lead to your fiancé feeling neglected, and that certainly is not a good way to begin a new relationship. You need to sit back, let go and realize that too much planning can also spoil things. Speak more to your fiancé, parents and friends about your new life and the beautiful future that you are actually getting married for.

Mostly B’s: You’re on the right track! There’s no need to worry, you’re absolutely balanced and taking your wedding planning in the right spirit.

Mostly C’s: Although you’re not over thinking of your wedding planning, you’re too worried about how the future will span out. Just relax and be confident of the decisions that you have taken. Make yourself a spa appointment and treat yourself to a good relaxing massage. Call your friends over and arrange a sangeet ceremony, this would definitely change your mood to the more fun side of wedding.

What did the quiz say for you?


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