6 Reasons why a Day Wedding is better than a Night Wedding

You can have a perpetual debate on a night vs. a day wedding but the day certainly has some serious advantages worth considering. Read on to find out the benefits and you just might end up changing your mind about day weddings.

1. Lively & Energetic couple
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Indian weddings are fun but draining with the gamut of ceremonies going on and on. Obviously the bride and groom are the centre of attraction amongst all this and need to look and feel good throughout. While the pheras are the most important ceremony marking the culmination of the marriage, it ends up happening the last in the wee hours of the morning by which time the couple is drained and waiting for everything to get over. So while you would want to be an alert and happy bride and groom trying to understand and assimilate the meaning of each phera that the pandit tries to explain; At 4 am even the most bubbly couple would be run down on energy and just wanting to hit the bed.

2. Enthusiastic Guests

Guests form majority of the glitter and glamour of a wedding. Relatives talking animatedly, giggling girl, kids running around and close friends by the side of the bride and groom give the wedding its life. But as soon as 11 p.m. strikes, guests start trickling out of the venue quicker than water! Kids start feeling sleepy and friends give rare excuses to leave. Only the closest relatives, although sleep deprived and yawning, are forced to attend as they cant afford to be in the bad books of your parents or you. Its not unusual to catch some people trying to get a few seconds of sleep against any head support that they find!

3. Enjoyable post wedding ceremonies
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Indian weddings don’t get over once you move out of the wedding venue. There are post wedding ceremonies as well that the bride and groom need to be a part of the next day. So if you leave the wedding venue at 5 in the morning you will be guaranteed zombied out for the next day. In a day wedding however everything is wound up by a very convenient 11 p.m. and you get to maintain your tight schedule of ceremonies, honeymoon and returning to work easily.

4. A change of dress for the fashionista bride

If you’re a bride who’s fussing over her fashion and the dresses that she wears, take a breather, the day wedding will allow you a change of dress post the pheras for the reception. Something traditional for the pheras and indo-western for the night would keep your fashionable soul well satiated.

5. Stunning pictures
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While sleep is one aspect, incase you have your wedding outdoors, natural light can made your pictures look stunning! While the flash and artificial lights can highlight your makeup and make you look chalky at times, the sun will never let you down. Even a no makeup look in bright sunlight will make your skin look flawless, then the wedding day look certainly will! Flaunt those chic shades with your wedding lehenga and sport the uber cool Indo-western look under the sun with your bridesmaids. Create memorable, bright photographs and be sure that the lighting will never go wrong!

6. Environment Friendly

Lastly you can do your bit for the environment by having a day wedding. You can go green by eliminating those large generators that are run to light up an outdoor wedding. You can even save on large amounts of electricity used to brighten up an indoor wedding.

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